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Bio Bay Eco Tour in

Clear Bottom Kayaks

The MAGIC, the ADVENTURE and the BEAUTY is awaiting for you... Don't miss it!!

Come and enjoy guided snorkeling tours in the beautiful island of Vieques so you can appreciate our under water beauty. Come to a world of colorful fishes and corals. We encourage the protection and care in our tours so if you see trash or anything that don't belong in the water please let our guide know so he can pick it up or notify us. 

Melayas Tours 

Visit the paradise island of Vieques and enjoy the most wonderful experience in the Bio Bay. Come and witness this natural phenomenon of bioluminescence, the beautiful beaches with crystal clear turquoise waters and warm white sand, spectacular sunsets... delve into our Caribbean scenery. Melaya's Tours bio bay tours in Vieques makes group tours, private tours and Jet Ski rental and Tours.

Bio Bay Eco Tour, Snorkeling Tour, Jet Ski Rental/Private Tours

Experience the magic in the brightest bioluminiscent bay in the world. Every person who has been able to apreciate this unique natural phenomenon has taken an unforgettable experience.

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Ride to the adventure and feel the adrenaline. We promise you'll have the best time of your life. An amazing adventure is waiting for you!!